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Explore tropical islands and undiscovered planets each month from your living room. Our online early years theatre offerings bring affordable, on-demand theatre and play to your home at the touch of a button.


Ignite your child's imagination with a different show every month, told using inventive sets, props and colourful characters.


Join us at bottom of the ocean or in the depths of the jungle, where we'll explore with singing, movement and any props we can get our hands on. 


Our monthly craft tutorial will show you how to create your own theatrical prop from our adventures using household scrap.

Our offerings:

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"We couldn’t wait until half term to be LadyBird Detectives. Sunday’s weather was the perfect excuse for a theatre day!

The whole family really enjoyed your online prop making, play and adventure."


"Just wanted to say how amazingly the shows are going down in our house!
Emily (5) and Henry (3) are captivated every time we watch one (which is all of the time!) and we're all wandering around singing the song constantly."
 "We loved the show! Aida (2) watched it on repeat 3 times before I had to find a really good excuse (possibly raisins and park) to take her away!
We'll definitely be going back to it regularly over the next few days."
 "Best rainy afternoon spent ever with little L, laughing and shrieking with joy at your show, activities and craft. Such a wonderful way to bond and play together."

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