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Bring the magic of theatre and play to your Early Years setting with DragonBird at School


Host an engaging and educational show carefully devised by early years theatre professionals through our flexible and affordable streaming service. Our shows tell vibrant stories that reflect the world around us using inventive sets, props and colourful characters.


After the show, bring the story to life in your Early Years setting with an immersive Theatreplay. Our unique Theatreplay model fully engages little ones in storytelling and dramatic skills through active play, singing, movement and sensory interaction with any props we can get our hands on. 


Complete the story with a collection of fun, easy craft tutorials themed to the shows and using basic materials like household scrap. Use our quick tutorials to inspire or host your own craft session: make props like music shakers, costumes like paper hat crowns or get stuck in to quiet, sensory craft activities to carry on telling the story.

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The DragonBird At School Collection

A Chrismouse Adventure
Show & Theatreplay

This Christmas, follow Little Mouse as she goes on an adventure to find Father Christmas and thank him for her socks! Then join Tilly and Lotte for an interactive Theatreplay adventure. Help them to build an igloo, do your best penguin and christmas pudding impressions and sing some christmassy songs.

Fully closed captioned.

Available until January 2022

Help the LadyBird Detectives solve their next great mystery: where are their spots? Go over the insect-suspects, check the HQ and keep an eye out for clues!

The LadyBird Detective Agency
Show & Theatreplay

Have you ever wondered how the elephant got her trunk? Come with us to Botswana and help us track down some elephants to find out! 

The Elephant's Trunk
Show & Theatreplay

Charlie and Charlie love clothes! Help them find the perfect outfit that feels just right, and learn some knitting dances to help Lotte darn her socks.

Charlie's Wardrobe
Show & Theatreplay

Meet the Owl and the Pussycat and follow them on their trip to the land where the Bong tree grows... Join us for this classic children's tale of love and friendship. 

The Owl and The Pussycat
Show & Theatreplay

Chef Gherkin and his Magic Mixing Machine
Show & Theatreplay

When Chef Gherkin gets a visit from the extremely fussy Princess Pompusknickers, it's up him and his secret Magic Mixing Machine to whip up the perfect dish. 

Pack your jim-jams and toothbrush and set sail for Pyjama Island! Join Lotte and Tilly as they explore the island and meet some of the wildlife... 

Pyjama Island
Show & Theatreplay

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