One of DragonBird's missions is to make sure that early years theatre & play is accessible, flexible and affordable for all. DragonBird Theatre works with charities, theatres and other organisations to distribute our online shows and Theatreplays to communities across the UK. 

Some partners and supporters:

Partner with DragonBird

After a decade of performing our shows across the South West UK, we've seen the transformative power of Early Years Theatre first-hand. We’ve developed a unique method of using online theatre and play to fully engage children in storytelling while boosting their motor and verbal communication skills. Our shows go out to a wide range of communities, engaging hundreds of families across the UK. By providing our shows and Theatreplays to audiences online we're able to offer an affordable, accessible and flexible Early Years arts provision in a way that suits any organisation's facilities, budget and audience.

DragonBird's online shows are an easy way to offer an Early Years arts provision that suits your community - whether you're a charity searching for new experiences for your beneficiaries, or a local authority looking for a flexible and affordable Early Years offering. Get in touch to discuss distributing shows for your audience to enjoy at home. 

If you are a school, community group or other Early Years organisation wanting to show DragonBird shows in venues or to groups of children, find out more about our dedicated service DragonBird at School.

Sponsor a show

Due to the support of our amazing audience and partner organisations, we've been able to produce professionally filmed versions of our popular live shows and Theatreplays to create our online collection.

We have a much wider collection of live shows that we've developed over almost a decade to live audiences, and our goal is to bring all of our stories to our online audience. Supporting the production of a DragonBird at Home show is a great way to help keep Early Years Theatre accessible and bring a new story to families across the UK. The show you sponsor will feature your branding and you'll get a version of the show distribute to families within your organisation.