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"Thanks so much for bringing joy to our homes in lockdown! My kids always start creeping closer and closer to the screen when we watch - then want to start acting their own plays as soon as its over.  Thank you for inspiring their imaginations!"


"I watched over 30 children transfixed by the colourful world DragonBird Theatre created. This is children's immersive theatre at its best."


Organiser, Bristol Food Connections Festival

"My son has been waking up every morning asking hopefully 'Is it a DragonBird day?”


“You capture little ones’ imagination so well.”



"My 8 month old loves it, even if she hasn't managed a morning sleep beforehand she is constantly smiling and wriggling with excitement from start to finish”


"You have seriously saved our week with the Ladybird Detective Agency.  We are watching it for the second time.


The kids giggle so much when you click your heels!”



“It is so wonderful to deviate from mind numbing nursery rhymes, and use everyday household items to engage in play and stimulation.


Watching my sons eyes light up when Dragon and Bird appear is a memory I will treasure forever!"



“Your shows inspire my child's play, re-enactment, conversation and singing. So brilliant! Thank you.”



"My two year old boy loves DragonBird and talks about it all week, often re-enacting the stories!”




“Before DragonBird my little boy was shy and unable to join in play groups. We have been on many adventures with you since and I now am lucky to have a confident, happy little boy."



"My boy loves role play now and he often plays out what he remembers from your sessions, much to the delight of the family."


“My toddler who is at best "lively" is very selective regarding what she will sit patiently for, and she has always enjoyed the sessions.


She loves the story-telling, the songs, the colours, the performing and also the join-in activities that follow.”