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"My boy has been been coming with his nursery now for a few months and I noticed a real difference in his confidence in being in a bigger group of people.  He loves role play now and he often plays out what he remembers from your sessions at home, much to the delight of the family." Parent.

Each month, your shows inspire my child's play, re-enactment, conversation and singing until the next show.  So brilliant! Thank you. Parent

"My child is an only child and this group has really helped him come out of his shell" Penny, Parent.


"Thank you so much for a wonderful session last week! It was so good we saw it twice! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show and the play afterwards - it was definitely a highlight of the year for Tots & Tinies.  Thank you very much indeed, and hope to see you in Wedmore again before too long"  Sarah, Wedmore.


"DragonBird Theatre completely wowed our visitors with their imaginative and engaging show.  I watched over 30 children transfixed by the colourful world DragonBird Theatre created.  This is children's immersive theatre at it's best."

Festival Organiser, Bristol Food Connections Festival


"Fantastic session today! My son had a wonderful time...mama had a wonderful time..such rich, imaginative simplicity and fun!" Parent.


"Since your last session my son has been waking up every morning asking hopefully 'Is it a DragonBird day?'" Parent.


"My two year old boy loves DragonBird and talks about it all week, often re-enacting the stories! It's definitely become our favourite group." Cam

"DragonBird Theatre is the best group I've been to for miles. It's creativity is inspiring and each month I am as excited as my son! It is so wonderful to be part of a group that deviates from mind numbing nursery rhymes, and uses everyday household items to engage little people in play and stimulation. Watching my sons eyes light up when Dragon and Bird appear is a memory I will treasure forever!"  Ella


"Thanks for being such wonderful role models ...for my gal and me :) what a lucky bunch we are to have the likes of you."  Rose

"DragonBird Theatre is brilliant in that it offers different things for babies through to toddlers and small children, giving lovely sensory stimulation to the younger ones and leading older ones into losing themselves in their imaginations. My 8 month old loves it, even if she hasn't managed a morning sleep beforehand she is constantly smiling and wriggling with excitement from start to finish, and really benefits from hanging out with the age range that this group attracts. It’s the best group we go to in Bristol!!"   Julia


“Please know what a brilliant idea it is and how incredibly you both delivered it.”  Polly


“You've both brought so much excitement and enrichment to the last year, helping my littlun and I enjoy getting to know each other.  I'm sure it has helped her development as she explored all your lovely props, danced and listened to the singing and watched other children playing.” Sally


“It's one of the highlights of our month and most definitely the best group thing we do. I love the imaginative interpretation of stories and creative experience.” Corrie


“Thursdays have been the highlight of our week since we have been coming. ” Elise


“Thank you for weeks of imaginative lovely fun.” Elizabeth


“You capture little ones’ imagination so well.” Faye


“My children have both adored DragonBird sessions” Natasha


“We have loved DragonBird so thank you very much!” Rebecca


“I enjoy it so much and it is so popular!” Liz


“This is fantastic, DragonBird's shows are devised by two great drama teachers. My toddler who is at best "lively" is very selective regarding what she will sit patiently for, and she has always enjoyed the sessions. Not just her, but all other toddlers and babies love the story-telling, the songs, the colours, the performing and also the join-in activities that follow.” Lidia


"I love the imaginative interpretation of stories and creative experience" Parent.

"Hello I just wanted to thank you both for the amazing sessions that you run. When I first came to a session my little boy was shy, unable to join in play groups and very attached to my legs. Yours was the first group he went to and enjoyed, and asked to go back to. We have been on many adventures with you since and I now am lucky to have a confident, happy little boy. My little one starts school this September and our time at DragonBird must come to an end but I wanted to thank you for all that you do." Wendy

"You bring sunshine to those who need it most - keep doing what you do."

Sarah, Siblings Team, Charlton Farm Hospice. October 2016

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