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Live shows

We run 50-minute sessions that explore vivid worlds through gentle theatrical play and song for children aged five and under. We run live ticketed sessions for families in Bristol and also come to pre-schools, libraries and other Early Years groups. 

Our sessions are all about engaging with immersive stories through theatrical sets, props and characters. But above all, the sessions are a relaxed and inclusive place for little ones to play, imagine and sing together.

Upcoming shows

Ladybird Detective Agency


The Ladybird Detective Agency need your help on the case of the missing spots. We'll be searching, sleuthing and singing our way through the garden to interview insect suspects and try to crack the case. 

The Ladybird Detective Agency.jpg

Day and Night


Sun will teach us some bright and sunny tunes as we hit the beach and play some games. Then we'll sing along with Moon as we kick back under a starry dome and try to catch our very own stars into the night.

Day and Night

The Greenbank, Easton

Wednesday 15th May at 11:00am

Kelvin Players Theatre, Bishopston

Friday 17th May at 10am & 11:15am

Live show & tickets FAQ → 
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Tickets: £6 per person/£4 concessions (+ booking fee)

Kelvin Players Theatre, Bishopston

Friday 19th April at 10am & 11:15am

The Greenbank, Easton

Thursday 25th April at 11:00am

Expedition Elephant

Expedition Elephant


Take a flight in a hot air balloon over the breathtaking Kenyan savannah to see if we can spot some elephants. Once we've found a friendly looking herd, we'll touch down and learn some songs with the local wildlife.

Chef Gherkin


Roll up your sleeves at Chef Gherkin's restaurant. There’s lots of work to be done: one hundred pizzas to assemble, a giant pot of spaghetti to handle and a round of Ye Old Cheese Tossing game to win! 

Chef Gherkin

The Greenbank, Easton

Wednesday 12th June at 11:00am

Kelvin Players Theatre, Bishopston

Friday 14th June at 10am & 11:15am

The Greenbank, Easton

Wednesday 17th July at 11:00am

Kelvin Players Theatre, Bishopston

Friday 19th July at 10am & 11:15am

DragonBird for Schools and Groups

Capacity: Up to 30 children (or thereabouts)
Space required: Large room or hall


We’ve been running sessions across the South West UK for over ten years, working to instil a love for theatre, boost motor and language skills and support physical and emotional development.

Our 50 minute sessions support the EYFS structure, encouraging children to participate physically and verbally, sing along, move around and engage with immersive and vivid worlds.

All of our sessions include two performers, set, props, costumes and all materials for games and activities. Contact Lotte at companymanager[at] to find out more about the sessions including prices and upcoming availability.

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